Remember the famous The Office episode where Michael plans on using a giant trampoline as a landing pad in his attempt to commit a fake suicide, only to realize it’s a bad idea?

No not the false suicide part but the one using a trampoline as a “safety” measure.

Well even if you’re not in no mood to stage a scene, but want to have fun, trampoline still can be quite dangerous.

Here are 11 tips you should keep in your mind before you try to defy gravity, at least momentarily:


1. The Positioning of Trampoline


Proper positioning of a trampoline is crucial especially if a small kid is using it. Placing it near any objects like a Tree, Poles, etc. is inviting trouble. Any improper jump can result in a severe accident. It’s also important to make sure the ground is level grounded.

Uneven leveling of the field makes trampoline more prone to lose balance and hence result in a mishap.  


2. Quality Assurance


Let’s accept it. We all love to cut corners if it makes us save some money. But a trampoline shouldn’t be a place where you should be cutting any corners, both figuratively and literally. Saving money and buying a cheap quality might very soon result in expensive medical bills.  

Along with good quality trampoline, a trampoline safety net is a must-have. We would recommend going for a trampoline that comes with a safety net attached to it.


3. Check your Pockets Beforehand


Check your pockets for any sharp objects like car keys, house keys, jewelry, etc. Having them may lead to serious cut marks. Make sure you don’t have a fragile object with you like mobile phones, spectacles, etc. Carrying them will not break them but also might hurt you in the process.


4. Testing Trampoline Before Using it


Before you use trampoline, it’s mandatory to check that spring is elastic and bolts are tight and in place. Due to excessive pins might get a bit loose, so it’s important to check beforehand. Not following this will lead to an accident as trampoline won’t be able to provide adequate support.

An excellent way to test trampoline is to have a test run with some light jumps and simultaneously check for anything unusual behavior.


5. Making Sure There Are No Objects Under Trampoline


We know it’s super convenient to place whatever we are carrying under the trampoline before we try to use it. But this seemingly harmless convenience can prove to be injurious. Putting anything near or under Trampoline or the Safety Mat can lead to tripping.

Small objects like rocks, pebbles should also be removed. So we advise you to check for anything unusual beforehand.


6. Check for Moisture or Snow on Jumping Mat


If you live in an area where snowfall is frequent or a place with high humidity, then make sure the jumping area is free of those. Even a seemingly low amount of moisture can cause slippage.  It is also advisable to not use trampoline during extreme weather conditions.


7. Child Safety Measures


It’s a no-brainer that kids love Trampoline. The ecstasy of going up and down is unmatched. Though if proper precautions aren’t taken, this adrenaline rush can result in carelessness. We recommend using a ladder to climb in and out of the trampoline to avoid tripping.

We always recommend that you jump at the center of the trampoline as it makes sure the weight is equally distributed. Dancing on the edges may unbalance the trampoline and can lead to injuries. Kids below the rated Age and Height shouldn’t be allowed to use a full-sized trampoline.

We recommend using a miniature version to keep the safety levels in check. In addition to these, clothes without drawstrings should be used as the ropes of cloth might get stuck to the trampoline leading to serious a accident.

To make sure the above points are taken care of, adult supervision is a must. Children should always be within the view sight.


8. No Stunts


While having fun it’s normal to go all in and “try” out things. But trust us a trampoline is the last place where you should try out stunts unless you’re a trained professional. Tricks like Twisting and Multiple somersaults, backflips or any aerobatics might look visually very appealing but can cause some serious injuries if done without proper training and under unfortunate circumstances.

Kids are advised not to jump too high else any awkward landing can lead to severe injuries like fractures. So, all those Snapchat story updates can still be made exciting without trying out unusual moves.


9. Check for Medical Compatibility


A 10 minutes session on Trampoline is an excellent physical activity. So, it’s essential to check for any medical issues which might cause problems. If you’ve breathing issues like asthma or back pain, we recommend you to use trampoline for as long as you’re comfortable time or avoid it completely. Prolong use can cause fatigue and body pain.


10. Don’t Use it Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs


Its weekend and you’re at a friend’s house party. The music is just right; the drinks are on the house. Can it get any better? Yes! You see a trampoline at the backyard. Or maybe No. Using trampoline under any influence is inviting trouble. Also, no one would like puke all over the trampoline.


11. One Person at a Time


Yes it sounds fun, yes we love our best friends, but if getting admitted in a hospital isn’t in your friendship bucket list then you may have to avoid the thought of using the trampoline with your friend. The weight difference leads to loss of balance and might up injuring someone.


Final Words


I know the entire article makes us sound like a buzz killer, a party pooper, or maybe a Sheldon Cooper. But while using a trampoline is fun, it’s important to be responsible and maintain the required safety measures. After all, what fun one might get from a severe accident or mishap?

Hope this article makes sure you have a great time! And if you’re looking to upgrade your current trampoline do check out our Top 5 Picks!