Are you craving for a sinful smoked pork loin for a lazy Sunday brunch? 

Or a delightful salmon fillet that could keep your guests raving for days? You can make it all and more using the newest range of Bradley smokers available online.  

However, finding the ideal one that serves multiple purposes may seem like a full-time job. Especially, if you are uninitiated to these machines or have preferred traditional smoking methods, so far. 

But today, we are bringing you three different smokers to choose from. All of these have been time tested to be some of the very best in the industry, and will surely give you the perfectly smoked meat your taste buds crave.

So, without further ado, keep on reading our best Bradley smoker reviews!

About the brand

Outdoor smokers have become quite the rage in recent times for their high utility and range of features.

A top manufacturer of a premium range of smokers, Bradley has some of the best models in the market, suitable for both home and commercial applications. This family-owned business began in the 1970s and has continued to impress generations of smoked food enthusiasts.

Bradley Smoker has revolutionized barbecuing by adding smart control technology, convenience, and experimental features to your ‘out in the lawn’ cooking affair. 

Bradley Smokers come with an exclusive built-in smokehouse, accompanied by a smoke generator. To avoid temperature fluctuations, the Bradley flavor Bisquettes are burned for 20 minutes then put out. This process eliminates the tar and resins that alter the desired smoky flavor of the foods.  

Bradley Smokers are  known for preparing foods packed with wholesome smokiness without  any aftertaste. While most other smokers have to be monitored constantly, the Bradley Smoker is capable of producing clean, cool smoke automatically for up to 9 hours without needing more Bisquettes.

Furthermore, the design and color of these sophisticated smokers can easily blend in with your other kitchen accessories. Bradley Smokers are very compact and do not require wood for heating, thus making it ideal for yard cooking. The company offers all this and more at an affordable price without compromising quality. 

A brand loved by amateur cooks and gourmet chefs alike, Bradley is dedicated to elevating your meals by smoking them just right.

Our Top Picks

1. Bradley BS611 Original Smoker

The Bradley Smoker BS611 has gained the right kind of publicity for being one of the most affordable smokers available in the market. 

Built with stainless steel interiors and sizeable racks that come with supports, this high performing smoker has impressed users with amazing results.  

What do we like about the product?

1. Build Quality and Design

The Bradley Smoker BS611 Original Smoker is available in an attractive black color with an adjustable vent on top of the unit. The model offers four removable racks along with rack supports that keep the food from tipping over when taken out. 

The large front feet of the device lends stability and support, and the most convenient bit is the removable side panel of the generator. This makes cleaning and maintenance so much easier than in conventional models.

If you are looking for a portable smoking unit to cater to a small gathering, this device is easily the best choice in this range. 

2. Performance

The cooking and smoking elements go up to 500W and 125W respectively, so you can enjoy some smoked cheese and lamb ribs simultaneously. 

Armed with the automatic smoke generator and electronic control, the model eliminates problems like temperature fluctuations and interrupted smoke production. You can indulge in your favorite smoked dish without sweating about any unappetizing aftertaste. 

The fully insulated cabinet of this unit enables you to cook in both hot and cold days. Regardless of the weather conditions, nobody can stop you from tucking into delicious pastramis and grilled turkey.

Usually, this smoker requires 3 bisquettes per hour for the cooking process to complete. For best results, you can preheat the unit and let the meat cook without interruptions. 

3. Uniqueness

The unit is quite sturdy, spacious, and can be used to keep your food warm even if your guests are late. Besides, the smoker is equipped with magnetic seals around the door to keep the flavors from seeping out. 

The improved electronic components and the front face plate are features that add to the ease of cooking. Another unique feature of this model that deserves mention is the heat control panel on the smoke generator. This contraption essentially eliminates moisture damage to switch. 

This easy-to-use apparatus ensures consistent and controlled smoke and temperature. Additionally, you can use it as a slow roasting oven or a slow cooker. 

What could’ve been better? 

The Bradley BS611 comes with amazing features that are ideal for outdoor grilling and barbeque. However, the heater does not come with a timer, hence, the cooking process needs to be monitored. 

The smoker also does not come with a filter, so you have to cook in an open space without any overhead roof extensions. 

Pros & Cons

Cost-effective and highly durable; can be used in hot and cold days. 

Removable side panel that simplifies cleaning and upkeep

Substantially large cooking racks enable you to cook multiple things simultaneously

No built-in timer in the temperature setting

Smoking process has to be monitored from time to time

2. Bradley Smoker BTDS108P 990223 Digital 6 Rack Smoker

Bradley Smoker BTDS108P 990223 can be the favorite kitchen buddy of smoked food lovers. This 6 rack smoker comes with a suite of configuration options. This our second pick precisely for that reason. Keep on reading to learn more.

What do we like about the product? 

1. Build Quality and Design

The simple yet functional design of this Bradley smoker will appeal to both beginners and barbeque experts. 

This vertical smoker provides sufficient space required for smoking full-sized cuts like briskets or a whole turkey. You can load up all the six racks at the same time if you are hosting a dinner for a big group.

The model is equipped with a bisquette feeder system. Gone are the days of wood and charcoal as the heater in this unit comes with separate bisquette burner and heating element.

The accompanying digital control set-up is easy to read and clearly labeled, eliminating the chances of unwanted errors. The icing on the cake: You can switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit, according to your preference.

2. Performance

If you want to prepare scrumptious smoked food with minimum effort, this 6 rack Bradley Smoker is the life-saver you need. 

The BTDS108P 990223 model also works well for cold smoking. So you if want experience flavor without cooking, you can pull it off in this device. Furthermore, it is incredibly easy to load the bisquettes, owing to their uniform shape. You can slide them into the holding tower and after that, push buttons for the desired cooking option. 

A bonus feature: the ash clean up is almost negligible since the bisquettes extinguish before burning too low. Needless to say, It is one of the cleanest and easy-to-use smokers available in the market. 

3. Uniqueness

This 6 rack Bradley Smoker is perfectly insulated, so you need not sweat over cooking temperature as none of the smoke escapes.  

Additionally, you can experiment with the available combinations and set the timer accordingly. The digital contraption is highly intuitive, and you have access to all the metrics you require with temperature, smoke and time displayed prominently on the interface. 

You can easily master these settings even if you are not the most tech-savvy person. Apart from that, this model serves as an amazing roasting oven as well as a slow cooker, which means you are free to expand your smoking repertoire beyond grilled chicken and smoked fish. 

What could’ve been better? 

The build quality of this smoking device polarizes opinions. At first glance, it appears sturdy and quite classy with its stainless-steel exterior and interiors made of powder epoxy steel. However, some of the users complain about the plastic parts of the unit, especially the hinges, which are prone to degradation. 

The digital system does not come with an alarm so you have to watch over food once it has finished cooking. Another drawback that some users have pointed out is that the model is underpowered to support a 6-rack unit. 

While the unit is neither small nor maneuverable, it makes smoking less labor-intensive and awfully convenient.


Pros & Cons

Comes with an automatic feeder; no opening door to add more wood

Wood extinguishes before turning into ash, so it eliminates acrid smoke

Set-it and forget-it fully digital model 

You can only use Bradley’s wood bisquettes

3. Bradley Smokers BS916 Smoker

Bradley Smoker BTDS108P 990223 can be the favorite kitchen buddy of smoked food lovers. This 6 rack smoker comes with a suite of configuration options. This our second pick precisely for that reason. Keep on reading to learn more.

What do we like about the product? 

1. Build Quality and Design

The exterior of this smoker is made of stainless steel and comes with a silicone door. Inside, you will find integrated probes that control the temperature of the food and let you know when it is ready. 

The unit consists of two heating elements that produce the required amount of smoke and heat. The first one runs on wood chips to generate smoke you need for the meat to cook. Whereas, the other maintains an optimal temperature inside the cooking cabinet to ensure that the meat is adequately prepared.

Since this model is primarily built using stainless steel components, cleaning is not a hassle.  You can easily get rid of stuck-on grease, fat or sauces without going through unpleasant scraping sessions. Also, the design of the model does not let smoke leave an imprint. 

2. Performance

The Bradley Smokers BS916 Smoker has a whopping 10-rack capacity, however, the six included can perfectly do the job. In case you plan on smoking a lot of sausages or baby ribs, you can buy  the four extra racks to expand the smoking surface.

Furthermore, this model comes with a smoking box attached. This adjoining chamber holds wood chips, which simplifies the loading process. Equipped with a touchscreen display, the smoking device enables you to set the unit to add wood chips. After you adjust the controls, you can let the appliance do the rest without any risk of over smoking.

3. Uniqueness

You might go – Bluetooth? What good will that do? Well, some kitchen appliances that come with Bluetooth hardly have any practical purpose. But a smoker that allows you to control the internal temperature of the meat through your phone or tablet makes a lot more sense. 

Another unique feature that has impressed users is the ease of maneuvering. You can choose among different options for the base. You may affix four small legs or you can join two wheels beside the two legs to make the unit moveable. 

What could’ve been better? 

Honestly, there is very little to complain about this top tier smoking appliance. The Bluetooth app needs some work as it offers a very limited range. Another disadvantage that users have noted is the incomplete use of bisquettes. Only about 60% of the bisquettes are used, which is quite wasteful in terms of expenses incurred on purchasing them.  


Pros & Cons

Interior includes color-coded probes that enable you to determine the temperature in two areas

Bluetooth compatibility ensures wireless control

An extensive 780 square inch smoking surface

Solid stainless-steel design

Touch screen display with controls for time, smoke and temperature

Limited Bluetooth range

The bisquettes have to covered all times to prevent them from getting wet

Final Words


The brand Bradley is the maker of some of the finest smoking devices. Their guiding principle is to make smoking more enjoyable and effortless.

Their range of products is suitable for both beginners and smoking pros. Depending on your requirements, you can purchase a basic unit or invest in a high-end model to explore other  options. 

While not all models offer portability, you can keep your smoking apparatus inside the kitchen or in the garage for the sake of convenience. 

All that Bradley Smoker unit provides you with are cool smoking options, so you can go beyond the limitations of traditional smokers and enjoy a flavor-packed meal.