Looking for a detailed guide on choosing the best diesel generator?

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With all the complicated technicalities involved in these machines, it can be a tough task to choose one which suits your needs the best.

Well worry not, we got you covered! We are here to help you out in choosing the best generator through our detailed guide and review of a few of the best ones available in the market!

Diesel generators can be a lifesaver in times of power outages and serve as a backup power source to keep your home or business up and running!

They are also great for using in remote sites where no source of power is available.

So if you’re looking to get yourself a good quality diesel generator, we suggest you read through our review of three of the best models that are currently available in the market!

3 Best Diesel Generators for Home and Commercial Use

1. DuroStar DS7000Q Portable Diesel Generator

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If you’re looking to get the best out of the money you spend, the DuroStar DS7000Q Portable Diesel Generator should be your first choice!

This model comes out at the top when it comes to overall performance and sails past all its competition with a fantastic set of features that is unmatched in its price range!

The DS7000Q by DuroStar features a solid 4-stroke single-cylinder direct injection diesel engine that will fulfill all your power needs in case of an outage. It also features a remote start alongside a traditional electric start for greater convenience.

The DS7000Q offers an impressive 6000 Watts of power at its peak and cranks out 5500 Watts during normal usage. It also comes with an enclosed frame combined with a soundproofed muffler which drastically reduces engine noise. The engine also features a sturdy, maintenance-free alternator which comes with an automatic voltage regulator.

When it comes to safety, the DuroStar DS7000Q makes no compromises. This product comes packed with all the safety requirements that you’d expect out of a portable generator. It features a full power panel with keyed ignition, circuit breakers, voltmeters and even an oil alert automatic shutdown in case of low oil pressure.

This model by DuroStar offers two 120-volt and 220-volt outlets each, along with a single fully protected 12-volt outlet. It also features a ground fault interrupter for added safety.
The runtime on the DS7000Q is an impressive 12 hours at half load and comes along with a 3.83 Gallon fuel tank featuring an easily readable gauge!

With all that coming at such an affordable price, you should definitely get yourself the DS7000Q if a top-quality diesel generator is what you seek!

Pros & Cons

Massive power output.

Wheel-kit makes it easily portable.

Wireless remote start.

Super-quiet muffler for noise reduction.

Small wheels may make it hard to move it across rough surfaces.

No hour meter.

2. Generac 6864, 5000 Running Watts/5500 Starting Watts, Diesel Powered Portable Generator

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Next on our list of the best diesel generators is the Generac 6864 which is currently one of the most efficient portable models that work exceptionally well as an industrial grade diesel generator.

The 6864 Portable diesel generator by Generac is the perfect choice if you’re looking to shell out a few extra bucks to get yourself a solid and sturdy generator that is designed to last in rough working conditions.

Durability has been made a top priority in these machines. This model by Generac features a fully welded 1-1/4″ Steel frame that is exceptionally sturdy. It also features a Yanmar LW Series 435cc air-cooled direct injection diesel engine which is of industrial grade.

One of the most significant advantages of diesel-powered engines is that they require significantly less maintenance and is more efficient in cranking out power. This diesel powered portable generator has a constant power output of 5000 Watts and peaks at 5500 Watts.

Another interesting feature in the Generac 6864 is the True Power Technology which provides lower than 5% harmonic distortion, making way for a smoother and cleaner operation of sensitive electronic appliances.

The steel frames also come with an integrated lifting eye which allows for more comfortable transportation and more security at the job site. It also features an hour meter to track intervals and a single touch electric start for easier start-up.

You can expect to get an impressive run time of 32.4 hours at 50% load thanks to the massive 12 Gallon fuel tank featured in these portable diesel generators.

So if you’re looking to get an industry-grade portable diesel generator at an affordable price, this is the one to go for!

Pros & Cons

Extremely durable. Designed to withstand rough working conditions.

Massive fuel tank of 12 gallons and an impressive run-time.

Excellent muffler design for noise reduction.

True Power Technology for a smoother operation.

Low peak-wattage.

Wheel kit has to be bought separately.

3. Pulsar PG7000D Diesel Powered Generator, 7000-watt Output, Closed Frame

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If you’re looking to get some serious power output without having to shell out a fortune, the Pulsar PG7000D Diesel Powered Generator is your best bet!

This model by Pulsar pumps out an astounding 7000 Watts of power at its peak but falls short when it comes to overall performance and features. But considering the price at which you can get this model, it is undoubtedly one of the most value for money portable diesel generators out there in the market.

The Rated Output on the PG 7000D generator by Pulsar is 5500W/60Hz, but peaks at 7000W/60Hz. It runs on 10-HP Single Cylinder diesel engine that is exceptionally efficient at cranking out power.

Apart from the impressive power output, the PG7000D does remarkably well when it comes to noise reduction. The Silent Series diesel generators by the brand feature a specially designed insulation and an efficient air cooling technology in its engines that ensure these generators produce as less sound as realistically possible.

These diesel generators by Pulsar come with two 120V Outlets, one 120V/240V Twist Lock and one 120V Twist Lock. It also features a digital control panel which includes an Hour and Voltage meter.

The run-time on these generators is an impressive 9.5 hours thanks to a 4-gallon fuel tank which comes along with a fuel gauge.

So if you’re looking for the best diesel generator for home backup at a budget-friendly price, the PG7000D by Pulsar should serve your needs perfectly!

Pros & Cons

High peak output of 7000 Watts.

Does a great job at noise reduction.

Digital Control Panel which indicates all necessary maintenance alerts.

Has issues with durability in the long run.

The quality could be better.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why choose a diesel-powered generator over the typical gasoline-powered ones?

The most significant advantage that diesel generators have over the traditional gasoline-powered ones is fuel efficiency. A lot less fuel is required to run diesel-powered generators as they are much more efficient at pumping out power. Diesel variants also last significantly longer than gasoline-powered ones.

2. Are diesel generators good for home use?

Of course, they are! Diesel Generators are just as good, sometimes even better than traditional generators at powering up your home in case of power outages. These generators have impressive run-times and an adequate number of power outlets to ensure your home stays electrified.

3. What type of oil should be used for diesel generators?

The type of oil to be used for your generator varies depending on the model. It’s best to consult the generator’s user manual and use the type of oil recommended by the manufacturers.

So, Ready to Buy Yet?

Whether you are looking for a backup power source for your home or a portable power source for on-site jobs, these portable diesel generators come packed with all necessary features to fulfill all your needs.

Hopefully, we have been able to help you out in making your decision on buying the best diesel generator through this guide!