Ever wondered what you need to have a perfect BBQ experience?

Sure, you do need a good Smoker Grill Combo or a charcoal smoker to enhance your BBQ experience.

But a good BBQ essentially includes one more key ingredient, and that is a quality wood chip. Why should you even bother about wood chips?

Well, wood chips are beyond an accessory used to smoke your food. A quality wood chip makes sure that:

Your food has a unique flavor to it.
It’s easier to smoke.
No release of harmful smoke.
Doesn’t spoil the food’s integrity.
Doesn’t contain harmful chemicals.
There are many places from where you can purchase your favorite wood chips, but none of the options come close to Amazon. Here are some advantages:
100% assured products from legitimate dealers.
Super fast and reliable delivery.
Attractive deals and offers.
Easy exchange or refund process.
Dedicated reviews from trusted consumers.
An option of worldwide shipping.
If you’re not sure about which wood chips to buy, then don’t worry. Read along to find your perfect choice.

Top 5 Wood Chips for Smoking

1. Oak, Cherry, Hickory, and Alder Wood Smoking Chips- Wood smoker value pack- Set of 4 resalable pints

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One of the most popular choices, the Oak, Cherry, Hickory and Alder Wood Smoking Chips is a tried and trusted quality product. It is a collection of 4 pints with each of them capable of yielding up to 30 smoking. The wood chips are easy to handle which makes for a hassle-less experience. It has an enhanced performance thanks to the raw timber kiln which is perfectly dried.

The composition of the chips helps in quick ignition and 100% rate of combustion. The amount of smoke generated is just perfect to flavor your food at the required level. The standing out factor is the unique combination of 4 different kinds of wood which complement each other to bring together a delightful experience. It’s a good choice for popular meat options like chicken, ham and other small birds. Overall a perfect choice for people who prefer the light flavor of fruit woods.

2. Western Premium BBQ Products BBQ smoking chips, Variety Pack

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3. Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey Barrel Smoking Chips

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An absolute delight for Jack Daniel fans, this premium wood brings the loved and distinct flavor of Jack Daniel’s Old No 7 brand to your BBQ experience. The flavor is 100% genuine as the wood is from real Jack Daniel’s Old No 7 whiskey barrel.

The unique combination of the trademark whiskey and Oaktree wood ensure a mouth-watering experience. The wood chips are easily used with all type of smokers like charcoal, gas grills and electric. If you’re looking for a bourbon BBQ experience, then Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey Barrel Smoking Chips is an easy choice.

4. Wood Chips for Smokers- Oak, Alder, Cherry, Apple smoker chips. (Variety pack 5 pieces)

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The pack comes with 1 packet of each, Oak, Alder, Apple and Cherry with a Bonus Cherry Packet. The woods are small in size which makes them easier to use. The pack contains some of the best fruit flavor options. You can either use them separately or as a mixture depending upon your preference. Woods are pure and natural and have a 100% combustion rate. Moreover, the fruit flavor gives your BBQ an overall juicy experience.

The packaging of wood is eco-friendly and can be used to start a fire. The aesthetic packaging makes them a perfect fit as a gift. Just like most the quality wood chips, they can be used with popular smokers like charcoal, gas grill and electric.The box comes with a complimentary e-book which contains an exhaustive list of 101 Meat recipes. If you’re a beginner who want to experiment with different fruit woods then you should consider Wood Chips for smokers.

5. Smokehouse Products Assorted Chips, 4 pack

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The product contains 2 packs of Hickory and 1 each of Apple and Alder. Hickory is an evergreen favorite for pork, ham, and ribs. The hardwood hickory has a strong, distinct flavor to it, which can be minimized by mixing it with the other two fruit wood, Apple and Alder.

Apple wood chips can be used for any cut of meat or cheese while, Alder is a preferred choice for seafood like salmon, trout, etc. The wood contains no additive or oils, making it a healthier alternative. Overall it’s an excellent choice for people who want a more customized and varied flavor.

What to look for while buying wood chips?

There are few vital points one must consider before buying a wood chip

1. Be Sure About Your Flavor Preference

Some woods have a light flavor compared to other ones. If you’re not a fan of too much of a distinct taste, then you should consider going for light fruit flavors.

2. Make Sure Your Meat Preferences Align with the Wood’s Preferences

Not every wood goes well with every meat cut. One needs to make sure that the woods have been tried and tested satisfactorily with their preferred option of meat and cooking style.

If you’re unsure about which woods go with which meats, do check out our article on ‘What are the Best Woods for Smoking?

3. Always Go for Combination Pack Instead of Singular Flavor Woods

Some wood ship products come with already mixed packets, and others come with separate bags. If you’re a beginner who isn’t sure about your mixing skill, then you should try out the pre-mixed options.Though separate bags are always preferred since they give you more flexibility while making your preferred smoke.

4. Prefer Buying the Value Packs

Value Packs are a more economical option than single pack ones. If BBQ frequently makes your weekends, then you should consider buying one of the super saver packs.

5. Read the Customer Reviews and FAQs on Amazon

Amazon is an excellent place for trusted reviews and answers. Make sure you read them beforehand so that you can be sure about making the perfect buy.

So, Ready to Buy Yet?

We hope that the article helped you in getting an insight into why you need quality wood chips, which ones to buy and what to remember before purchasing. A good wood chips augments your food and is therefore one of the most underrated ingredients.

Happy smoking!

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