A grill is a cook’s best friend. 

It is the final fusion of a right grill and a refined patron of food that makes a recipe unique. The distinctive aromas, secret ingredients, and delicate herbs finally mingle inside the hot belly of the grill.

And very few understand the treat of watching your recipes melt in their mouth and that praise in their silence.

But even the most passionate cooks would agree on how they hate dishing out their favorite recipes while the whole world enjoys around them!

The 8-burner Member’s Mark Grill is a permanent solution to this problem of catering to hundreds of guests at a time. This grill is a king-size arrangement of 8 burners, two spacious side racks, and two warming racks, let alone the vast grilling area.

But only the grill size isn’t the determining quotient of its success. How does this grill fare in the long run? Let’s find out!

What makes this worth buying?

Well, I would like to ask quite the opposite. What doesn’t make this grill worth buying? 

The manufacturers claim that this giant can hold over 70 burgers and 120 hotdogs in the entire cooking area and rightfully so. But size is not the only issue that grill-lovers look for, right? 

The cost is massive. It comes within a range of USD 1300 – 1500, but what are the factors in investing in this giant? Let’s find out.

This grill is versatile and is perfect for major events

Be it a long-pending house party that has over 200 guests invited, or you are a part of a rights campaign, this grill suits any such big event.

The side racks add up to 624 square inches of space, and that gives you a decent prep area to work with. The overall size and capacity of the grill to dish out your favorite recipes is the go-to feature behind it.

Moreover, you can keep all your cooking utensils handy, due to the space this grill allows.

Despite its weight and size, the grill is very portable

The grill has a compact folding-cart design. All its parts collapse to restructure into a smaller arrangement that can easily fit in the back of a standard pickup truck.

The build quality of the stainless steel casters is durable. They make way for increased portability as well as lock its position when required.

Let’s divide the cooking area into all its bits.

First, the main grilling racks provide you a massive 960 square inches. You can easily pack it with all your delightful recipes at a time (but in bulk) and dish them out real quick.

Its ability to cook large quantities of food in all its eight burners gives you a vast space of 1,006 square inches of cooking space. This will hold over 50 hamburgers or over 100 hotdogs, all at one go.

Next comes the warming racks that are at the sides. This arrangement is excellent for cooking unique sauces, keeping the hotdogs warm, and the recently baked-veggies fresh.

Dual Gas Regulator System

Two propane tanks also supplement the vast cooking space. The total energy this grill can generate is 116,000 BTUs, which is efficiently supplied by the tanks. The fuel system of the 8-burner grill is very efficient.

Pulling the eight burners requires this setup of 2 propane tanks, and Member’s Mark doesn’t compromise with the quality at all.

Premium Grade Construction quality

Member’s Mark doesn’t ever compromise with the build quality, and this grill isn’t an exception. The body is made of premium stainless steel while the cooking grates are porcelain-coated, and made of wrought iron. The burners are also made of stainless steel.

Porcelain-coated grates help faster cleanup after a heavy-traffic party is over! 

Cooking has never been faster and easier

The porcelain grates allow efficient cooking and equal heat distribution throughout the eight burners. Two propane tanks enhance the process of cooking, constant heat flow, and maintenance of a constant temperature.

All the grates cook at an equal pace, and they retain the maximum heat to ensure the roasts are good enough.

Excellent Customer Support and a 3-year warranty

One of the reasons for Member’s Mark to hold its popularity is its excellent consumer support. If there is any problem regarding assembling or proper functioning, the hotlines of the company are available 24×7 to help you out.

If you have any problems assembling the vast bulk of grill pieces, you can always call the company’s service providers to do it for you. Moreover, cheaper third party spare parts are readily available in the market.

This is one of the perks of owning a Member’s Mark product. Their spare parts are always available, and that has helped the company reach closer to its buyers.

Temperature Range

This model has a decent temperature range. Ranging within 150 – 450 F, the grates can withstand searing temperatures without any hindrance at all.

The eight burners, when burning at searing temperatures, reach the heat into the core of the food material, fusing your delightful recipes with Mark’s unique touch.

It can withstand harsh weather, and its durable body will last you years

The company designs grills keeping in mind that they would have to endure the harsh winters, primarily.

Parties, get-togethers, and events take place on the outside. And it would be disappointing if a grill broke down in the middle of a party owing to severe weather conditions.

The 8-burner grill has had a significant improvement in its build, and it comes with a grill cover now. Despite how much hardy the terrain is, this grill will endure it.

What could have been better?

We noticed particularly one aspect of this grill to be problematic. There is room for improvement in its cleaning mechanism. They could have provided an auto-ash cleanup system along with a dripping bucket.

It’s needless to say that this model demands space. So, for people who have a space crunch, and yet host large parties, they should refrain from owning this particular model. The space issue would be a bother.

There have also been some complaints regarding the quality of some spare parts. The burners need special attention as they tend to rust the fastest (after a year of heavy usage).

There have been complaints from some users regarding sudden flare-ups that are difficult to manage. They are rare, but it’s a cause for concern among users, and it should be catered to.

Final Thoughts

Despite its shortcomings, this grill is worth considering. The sheer quality of the food will mesmerize you. At least this has been our experience.

The grill prioritizes safety above everything else. It is also like a stuffed workbox, which can hold most of your kitchen in its enormous wings. Proud owners of this grill always had one comment in common: the taste is beyond expectations.