Very few things interest me as much as cooking does. 

I love the chemistry that brews in my cooking pan to produce that perfect melting taste in our mouths. 

I still wonder how the correct heat, pressure, and the perfect ratio of ingredients can turn a bland group of foods into one gastronomical delight. This is why I am fascinated with grills. 

Grills are those perfect blending machines that take an ordinary recipe, and with the perfect amount of heat, burning, and steaming, it will dish out the recipe you always wanted. All cooks develop a unique relationship with their grills.

I am not an exception. 

A grill isn’t merely a burning machine. It is a versatile, convenient, and powerful cooking apparatus that gives your recipes an edge. At least, this is how I choose the perfect grill for myself. And preferences apart, Memphis has never disappointed me.

The Memphis Pro Pellet Grill isn’t an exception to this norm. Read along to find all the fascinating aspects of this grill.

What Makes The Memphis Grill So Special?

Before starting with the review, I would like to clarify one thing, though. I am very particular about grills. Those grills bore me, which lack some features and over-compensate in others.

Like, I have found certain grills that have dual temperature controls, but immensely lack in the cooking area. Such grills are mostly a wastage of resources, and they end up burning a hole in your pocket.

For me, a worthy grill would need to be built of sturdy material, and it should be versatile. 

In other words, I always look for something that enhances my cooking skills and gives me a lot of areas to work with. A right grill will necessarily develop your skills and give you an array of cooking ideas. 

It’s for this reason I chose the Memphis Pro Pellet Grill. You may feel I am already biased, but once you get to know about the product, you will understand where these emotions are coming from.

Let’s look at the features, and you will know what I am talking about.

Features At A Glance

  • 304-stainless steel double-wall construction
  • Temperature range: 180 – 650 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Intelligent Temperature control via Wi-Fi
  • Dual Convection Fan
  • The Dual Hopper provides 62 hours of maximum heat
  • 562 square inches of the primary cooking area


1. Built-in temperature probe

I always prefer knowing all the minute details of a product before forming an opinion. And it’s necessary. You will be investing quite a considerable sum, and you wouldn’t want to get disappointed, right?

So, let’s start with the first criterion that I always judge a grill by. It’s durability.

The stainless steel construction of the model is sturdy and extremely well-built. This will be my fourth year going with this beast, and I must say I have had a very pleasing experience of having no rusted parts till now.

The stainless steel quality is top-notch. Apart from that, the castor wheels are quite hardy as well. Depending on where my party is, I move this giant around my place, be it the backyard, or the porch! The wheels have thoroughly impressed me.

Usually, all my parties happen at the end of the year. Harsh winters and freezing temperatures are no bother for this grill. My grill has lasted four winters already and is up and running like a 16-year old.

2. Temperature, cooking space 

Well, first thing’s first. Do not confuse temperature with heat, although they sound to be the same thing. The Memphis 304 SS has an excellent temperature range. This gives you a vast dynamic range that increases your cooking options and capacity.

From 180 degrees to a massive 650, I cook in all the ranges and never fail to surprise my guests. The last Easter was a massive game changer for my cooking styles. I prepared three dishes at each temperature range. The lowest one (100-200 F) was for the veggies.

The mid-range was reserved for soft cut pieces of pork and beef. And the searing temperatures were left for the large cuts of meat that take longer time to cook. Being a big fan of coriander, I always searched a grill that blends the herbs with the meat well.

I was astonished by the results of the Memphis. Even the large cuts had blended exceptionally well with all the spices and herbs.

The 304 SS boasts of a generous cooking area. It’s 562 square inches of space alongside two side racks, which significantly increase your workspace. 

3. Regulating the heat

The dual convection fans make sure that a steady supply of oxygen always reaches the fire. The fans ensure that the fire keeps burning, and the temperature is evenly divided throughout the large cooking area.

4. The hopper

The 18-pound cooking hopper where you can mix and match different kinds of pellets and feed the system accordingly. What impressed me though, was its 62-hours cooking capacity, fully substantiated by the hopper. 

Being a traditionalist, my choices matched completely with Memphis. And then we lived happily ever after! Hahaha! Well, I have found natural wood pellets retain that authentic smoky taste that’s never seen in propane or charcoal grills.

Take my word for it. Memphis 304 SS makes an unparalleled use of wood pellets. It retains the smoky flavor the best. Even better than other wood pellet grills. I have used Rec tec, Traeger, and many others.

The flavor of Memphis trumps them all!

5. Superb temperature control

Let’s break the ice with a pleasant surprise that most grills lack. You should grab all those appliances that can be operated from your phone, tablet, or computer. In short, a digitizing machine. The Memphis grills are one of them.

I wasn’t expecting anything before trying it out on the 304 SS. But when I did, it exceeded my expectations, and I realized the age of smart-grills has also come. Technology does wonders, you know! 

They call it the Intelligent Temperature Control System, which you can control from any wifi-enabled device. I didn’t exaggerate when I said it’s the age of smart-grills. The grill will send you texts and emails once they reach the temperature of your food.

So, you can set the temperatures, and control the beast even when you’re watching birds swim in the lake beside. You don’t need to be in the kitchen anymore to cook! How does that sound? 

And wait! I haven’t yet announced the mind-boggling bit of it. When the grill reaches the temperature of your choice, it will automatically turn the heat down to cooking levels. Or I would say, the smart technology takes the internal temperature down to warming levels.

6. Even Distribution Of Heat

The Memphis 304 is full of surprises. I have mentioned this quality before, but let’s elaborate on it here. The dual fan convection system ensures that the fire keeps burning. 

Then comes the significant bit. The fan also regulates the even distribution of heat throughout the grilling surface. This bit impressed me. I am very picky about having the perfect taste. Until I achieve it, I don’t start the party.

But for the past four years that I have been using the Memphis 304, I have never started a party late! The grill doesn’t have any hot spots; neither does it have long cooking time.

7. True Searing Ability

Did I forget to mention the Direct Flame Insert? At searing temperatures, I seared the stakes to perfection. And I don’t compromise on perfection. Go to their website and check out their video on direct flame insert. You will get the concept.

For those delicious recipes that always left you licking your chops, it’s time to churn them out finally!

8. Integrated Food Probe

The intelligent cooking mode is coupled with the food probe. Both these facilities combine to give you the perfect taste you are looking for. The internal thermometer integrates with the Intelligent Temperature Control to provide you with the best output.

And the final surprise: The grill is also available in a built-In model 

Apart from being an A-class model, I was excited AF to find it has a built-in model as well. This beast can accommodate to your outdoor kitchen seamlessly. How’s that for being versatile? 

9. Operating the grill

I have used all kinds of grills in my cooking career. Fifteen years of my cooking career have been spent in perfecting the art of cooking in a grill. It’s not a simple ‘Stuff it and forget it’. 

But the Memphis 304 makes you feel just like that. Its operations are that smooth. All you got to do is fill the hopper with pellets of your choice. Then turn the heat on via the app or on the grill itself. After you set the Intelligent temperature control, you can actually forget about it.

As the pellets feed into the grill, the cooking happens without a worry in the air. 

What kind of cook uses the grill?

Well, this is one important question that I keep getting. I have found a helpful answer to this. What kind of cook uses the Memphis 304? The type of cook that I am.

Confused, right? To put it simply, here are three questions that you should answer before deciding on buying this beast.

Are you a lover of that traditional, woody and rich smoky flavor that you get only with a pellet grill? Yes? Okay, that’s great! Who doesn’t! But do you want it without the clean-up hassle that comes with it? Yeah! I heard you. Then the Memphis 330 is made for you.

If you are a smoker as well as a griller, even then, it’s the perfectly designed grill for you.

Do you aspire and want to master the art of wood pellet grilling? Then rest assured that this will be an investment that’s worth the money, labor, and time. 

The best reason to go for this grill is its ease-of-use and its short cooking time.

Things to keep in mind before going for it

In this cash-strapped and time-crunched world, the only things to think about are these only: time and money. These are the two crucial elements that always demand our undivided attention.

Memphis saves your time like no other. It treats you like a 5-star chef would. So, that’s sorted. Honestly, I didn’t find anything to complain about this grill. Call me biased, but being an overtly particular person about culinary choices, I didn’t find any aspect worthy of harsh criticism.

The only point is the 4 figure amount you got to pay. Are you ready to spend that huge amount? It is a question only you know the answer to. Ask yourself, what are your cooking needs and your expectations. 

If you are a party animal who also loves to be a good host, go for this beast. Or if you think you aren’t ready for this significant investment yet, go for the cheaper ones before you buy the king in some years.

Final Thoughts

Perhaps, it’s not unclear about my final thoughts on this product. I have already leaped. If there is any grill that can satiate a perfectionist, it is this; it is this! 🙂

The intelligent cooking mechanism will woo master chefs and grillers. Casual weekenders will fall for its fast cooking time, for no one wants to hang out with raw meat in parties, right?

This choice will be one of the best decisions of your life. Trust me! It will be there to handle all your cooking needs for years to come.