Weekend calls for sinful indulgences in the smoky flavors of crackling, searing tenderloin on the grill, and a few chilled beers setting the mood for the perfect party!

Grilling and barbecuing are considered to be vital social traditions that provide the opportunity to unwind, socialize, and enjoy good food, all at the same time!

And, the thing that can make or break a perfect grill event is the ideal grilling unit. However, it may be an absolute challenge to find such a grill in a market full of gimmicks.

And that is why we are here to review a grill for you that is known to deliver what it claims!

Pit Boss has garnered a good many positive reviews for its exceptional grilling units since they were launched. And, the Austin XL definitely stands to be the winner in the brand’s entire range, for good reasons.

From high-performing efficiency to a few stellar features, it gets even more interesting after this.

Curious to find out all about it? Welcome, to our review of the same!

Is the Pit Boss Austin XL the right grill for me?

The Pit Boss Austin XL is, in every way, a beast of a machine that cooks up an entire storm for in a matter of seconds. Not only is it known for its massive cooking surface that makes a staggering amount of food. But the grill is also known for its versatility of smoking, grilling, baking and roasting food all at the same time!

Long-story-short: this is the show-stopper that’s gonna be the talk of any event it caters to.

And here are everything that makes this appliance worth investing in right now.

1. Ease of use

One of the primary things that makes this pellet smoker grill a winning appliance is its sheer ease of use. It comes with an entire function digital LED control panel that controls the setup. It is absolutely user-friendly and reduces any risk of flare-ups or accidental burns. 

This, in fact, makes it easy for anyone to control the smoker. 

The LED control panel of the appliance allows you to adjust your grilling temperatures. You can easily crank up the temperatures from 150 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit in a flash, without having to worry about your food burning or drying out on the cooking panel.

The unit maintains consistency for the internal temperatures, enabling you to fine-tune your grilling techniques according to your preferences. The unit adds pellets to reach the required temperature.

Additionally, the appliance also uses a “meat-probe” feature that quickly monitors the cooking temperatures. A digital display on the panel will show you the previously set temperature. 

2. Performance and power

With all that it has going on with it, you can safely put your money on the Austin XL as being an absolute power monster when it comes to performance. This grilling unit is charged up 100% natural hardwood pellets, running on a fan-forced convection cooking. This can generate a temperature of 500 degrees Fahrenheit, efficiently grilling all food placed on it.

The unit can provide up to 20,700 BTUs, for that matter, that’s sufficient for cooking 52 burgers at the same time on the large cooking surface.

Such a range, considering the fact that it’s a standard pellet grill, is impressive enough for you to give it a legit shot!

3. Enormous Cooking Surface

The cooking surface of the grill is an essential feature to consider while buying one. The overall cooking space determines the amount of food you can cook on it at one go.

So, when we say that this grill features approximately 1000 square inches of cooking surface, we mean exactly what it sounds like.

The Austin XL comes with a 2-tiered porcelain-coated cooking-grid set that offers a 1000 sq. Inches of cooking space, out of which about 930 sq. in are meant for direct cooking. 

This allows you to slow-roast certain items, such as preparing chuck roasts or turkeys that require a longer time to cook.

Such a hopper capacity also allows the unit to manage about 31 pounds of wood pellets. This lets you save space by not holding pellet bags around the setup. This way, it ensures that you never run out of pellets during cooking.

4. Versatility

Pit Boss, undeniably, scores high on versatility, and the Austin XL is no exception to that norm. When it’s about versatility, this unit provides you with the benefit of 8 functions in a single setup!

Not only can you just grill in it, but you can also roast, bake, and smoke your food!

And, the huge benefit to that is the unit ensures precise temperature controls which takes care of all that cook in it. This takes the pressure off you to get the internal temperatures right, serving perfectly cooked food. 

One of the essential features of this unit is the innovative flame broiler that it comes with

This allows you to cook using both direct and indirect grilling methods, which is a huge pro!

The flame broiler ensures that nice sear to your food every time you want it. Or, if you liked grilling otherwise, you could just move your plate over to the open flame section.

5. Construction

This pellet grill is made out of premium-grade steel and copper with a conventional black design that’s often found in most smokers. The brownish color that you see on the chimney, hood, and lid is actually a high-temperature copper finish that makes it resistant to rust, corrosion, and discoloration.

The shelves and grids are made of quality stainless steel. The cooking surface has a ceramic-coating which ensures even-heat distribution and resists corrosion.

However, even with all of these, the unit weighs only about 179 lbs. And it has four caster wheels on its legs that lets you move it around without breaking a sweat!  

What could have been better?

One of the issues that we did notice about this grill was that of flare-ups. The grate-design in it is a tad bit wide, which may not keep the food from falling through. And, if you are going to use substances like alcohol to spice up your dish, then you do need to be really careful with the grill.

Also, the grill body and panel can get really hot after a point of time. 

This may cause unnecessary delay in cooking stuff since it can be really uncomfortable to go near the cooktop.

Apart from this, the unit performs significantly well under every condition, providing you the value for your money.

Pros & Cons

Durably built and long-lasting

High-temperature copper finish makes it resistant to rust and corrosion

Offers one-touch temperature adjustments

Flame broiler allows direct and indirect cooking

Provides a temperature range of 150-500 degrees Fahrenheit

Has an enormous cooking surface

Causes flare-ups

Gets pretty hot


1. How many burgers can the unit cook at a time?

The Pit Boss Austin XL provides you with a 1000 square inches cooking surface that can cook up to 52 burgers at one go.

2. Can beginners use this grill easily?

The Austin XL comes with a temperature control LED panel that adjusts the cooking temperatures with just a touch of a button. This makes it easy for anyone to use this grilling system.

3. What’s the best temperature for cooking on this grill?

There is no set or perfect temperature that can work for everything that you cook on a pellet grill. The ideal temperature will depend on the food that you make and how you adjust your grilling techniques.

4. What all can I do with this grill?

Apart from just grilling, you can also roast, bake, and smoke your food with this grill. The flame broiler on this model allows you to use both direct and indirect methods of cooking.

You can additionally char-grill, sear, BBQ, and braise your food in the Austin XL.

Final Thoughts


So that was all about our review of the Austin XL pellet grill from Pit Boss. We hope we were able to give you an idea about its mechanisms. And, we sincerely hope for extraordinary tastes for all your grilling sprees to come!