We can collectively agree on the fact that grilling on the weekends is not just about good food. It is a rare feeling of happiness that is especially felt with friends and family around. 

And, it is definitely a way to express love in high spirits!

For all who look forward to Sunday grills and barbecue sprees, the grilling system is the sacred object which gives off the smokey, mouthwatering flavors of joy!

However, finding just the right grill could be as tricky as determining the correct temperature for searing that beautiful tenderloin. And, that’s because, with the right grill, you really don’t have to worry about temperatures, to begin with!

One such highly-rated grilling system is the ceramic Kamado grill from the brand Pit Boss. This one is as recognized for its performance as for its peculiarly beautiful design!

And reading this right now, if you do feel like knowing more about this baby right here, then let us save the day for you!

Because this is our review of the Pit Boss Kamado Grill, and we welcome you right to it!

Is the Pit Boss Kamado Grill the right grill for me?

The Pit Boss Kamado Grill has a fascinating design and is known to score considerably higher on performance in every way.

It literally looks like a big egg with wings and legs that opens up its mouth to grill your food!

But let not this alien design fool you in any way. The Kamado grill comes with a host of stellar features that makes it a heavy-duty and high-performing grilling unit through and through.

And here are all the features that make it worth the money you pay for it.

1. Design and construction

So, as we have already mentioned, the Pit Boss kamado grill is shaped like an egg. It features an impressive, stippled, heavy ceramic body that efficiently holds the burning charcoal pieces to grill your food.

The grill has a cast iron top tamper, which lets you have complete control over the airflow. This allows you to adjust the cooking temperatures, getting you the ideal degrees to grill your food.

Some of the most useful things about this grilling unit are the bamboo side shelves on it.

These look like two cute little wings on the “egg” and provide you with extra storage space. The shelves can be folded down, which allows you to store your grill easily.

Additionally, the Kamado grill features dual-tired cooking grates. These provide some extra space for cooking various food on it at a time.

2. Double cooking grates

Regular grills usually come with one grate that lays directly on top of the burners.

The Kamado grill comes with two-tiered stainless steel grates that provide you with double grilling space. This, in a way, compensates for the compact structure of the overall grill, helping you to cook up a fair amount of food at a single go.

You can also switch grates while cooking to adjust the overall space if required.

3. Calibrated cast-iron damper

The calibrated damper system allows you to adjust the temperatures for slow-cooking different kinds of meat. Cast iron is known for its exceptional properties of retaining heat and evenly heating up the food. So, this cast-iron damper helps quite a lot in managing the heat. 

It evenly heats up the cooking space, allowing the meat cuts to reach the ideal internal temperatures without drying them out. This results in perfectly cooked cuts each time!

4. Exterior thermometer

The grill also comes features a large external thermometer that’s located at the center of the lid. It shows you the temperature inside the unit when the lid is closed so that you can monitor the grilling without having to put up the lid and checking all the time.

This is a beneficial aspect that not only helps you monitor the grilling process easily but also reduces the risk of burns while putting up the lid frequently.

5. Free ash-removal tool and plunger

The Pit Boss Kamado Grill includes two advantageous and functional features for a satisfying grilling experience.

The first one is a free ash-removal tool that helps you clean up all the residual ash left behind in the unit after cooking. Since kamado grills use a significant amount of charcoal lump as fuel, it stains a lot and could be extremely tedious to clean the unit up after cooking.

Thankfully, the ash-removal tool helps you to clean up easily with minimal effort involved.

The second is a shock-absorbing plunger that provides extra protection against bumps and slams usually sustained while moving the grill. This ensures product longevity.

6. Durability

The Kamado Grill from Pit Boss proudly boasts of exceptional durability in shape and form.

The exterior body featuring the fire pit is made using heavy-duty 1-inch ceramic that will not chip or crack or corrode even in significantly high temperatures.

The cooking grids of the unit are constructed using 304 stainless steel that resists rust and corrosion.

The combination of ceramic, stainless steel, and cast-iron on the calibrated vent makes the unit an incredibly enduring appliance that will stand the test of time for years to come!

What could have been better?

Firstly, this grill is pretty heavy, and not all that easy to move around. This makes it difficult for the user to move the thing around. And even though it does come with sturdy casters, sometimes the wheels can get stuck due to the weight of the unit.

One other issue that we noticed is that the ceramic surface of grill scratches easily. The finish on it is glossy and beautiful, but it also tarnishes fast. This really mars the appearance of the grill and can wear off too soon, exposing the surface to the corrosive reactions of oils or cleaning solutions. 

And a final thing that we’d want to mention over here is that this grilling unit falls short when it comes to providing that extra bit of space. It lacks a warming rack or a large cooking space, for that matter. 

And although it does offer two shelves that cook a good amount of food, we really miss a warming rack which keeps our food warm on the oven unit itself.


Pros & Cons

Has a beautiful design and is made using high-quality stainless steel and metal

Comes with a calibrated cast-iron damper

The external temperature helps you monitor your grilling 

Comes with a plunger and a free ash-removal tool

Performs exceptionally well, allowing you to manage the temperatures

Pretty heavy

Doesn’t include an additional warming rack

The ceramic surface can get scratched easily 


1. Is it difficult to manage the temperatures in this grill?

The Pit Boss Kamado Grill comes with an external thermometer on the lid that shows you the temperature range inside the unit. This way, you don’t have to put up the lid all the time and check how the grilling’s going. You can just monitor it from outside.

2. Can you slow-roast meat cuts on it?

The calibrated cast-iron damper on the unit maintains stable internal temperatures in the unit, evenly heating the food. This allows you to slow-cook or roast almost anything, including delicate cuts of meat.

3. Are conversion kits available with this grill?

Yes. You do get fuel conversion kits with the Pit Boss Kamado Grill that allows you to switch it from propane to natural gas.

Final Thoughts


And that was it for our extensive review on the Kamado Grill from Pit Boss. We hope you liked what you read and that it was a helpful guide for you!

Here’s wishing you all the high spirits and delicious experiences for your grilling sprees ahead!  

Take care.

Till next time…