A good barbecue session demands the right amount of fire and smoke to conjure food that’s not just appealing but outrageously delicious!

And pellet grills do justice by offering you the simplest way to get the fire started.

For the signature wood-fired flavor we can’t depend on charcoal or gas. But, you’ve got pellet grills, which are fueled with wood and powered by electricity, making things easier for you.

It comes with a convection heating system that’s digitally controlled, so with minimal effort, you can make an array of smoked meats and vegetables.

The pellet grills by Rec Tec is innovation at its best mode, which takes fire cooking to a whole new level by simplifying the entire process. With the Rec Tec grills, you’ll be letting go of the labor-intensive cooking sessions, caveman technology, and flavorless meat.

But finding the right equipment can get tricky and expensive. However, in this we’ve got you covered here to help you figure out the best Rec Tec grills for a BBQ enthusiast.

So, without further ado, let’s get the Rec Tec grill reviews started!

What makes Rec Tec Grills so special? 


Rec Tec is an American grill company known for manufacturing several high-quality products and accessories which include- gas cookers, apparel, wood pellets, and grill accessories.

Rec Tec’s first wood pellet grill was the RT-580, which was made in 2009. Following which, they introduced the RT-300 Mini. Both RT-300 and RT-580 were later remodeled to RT-340 and RT-700 respectively with newer technology and advanced features.

We often get those sudden cravings for some delicious food, and the Rec Tec grill makes it easy to satisfy our hunger pangs. It doesn’t take more than 15 to 20 minutes for the cooking surface to heat up after you’ve pressed the ignition button.

Using the Rec Tec grill is pretty similar to operating your standard microwave. There isn’t much that you need to do, other than selecting the desired temperature on the display screen. 

When you’re grilling on a charcoal model, the weather can impact the temperature level. For instance, the wind can instantaneously spike up the temperature before it drops it back down. But, with the Rec-Tec grill, you can relax and prepare your food without the temperature being affected by the cold air.

Plus, you have the option to purchase a second shelf along with the primary one, which makes it convenient when one of them is dirty. With this grill, you’ll have a hassle-free grilling experience, without having to worry about flare-ups. 

However, the distinctive smokey flavor is always not the same when using this grill. It depends mainly on the type of wood pellets that you’ll be using.

As per the size of the grill, it doesn’t have a huge cooking surface, but in a single cookout, it can feed the whole family. They manufacture a small and large size wood pellet grill. The small-sized ones come with foldable legs that you can place in your parking lot or even the campground. And the large-sized grill carts include casters which you can lock in place.

The pellet grills by Rec Tec are a reasonably new invention that comes with exceptional performance, reliability, and superior quality. It’s the most convenient and simplest of ways for you to grill, bake, slow smoke, or roast your favorite foods with an extra smoky flavor.

Best Rec Tec Grill Reviews 

1. Rec Tec RT-700 Wood Pellet Grill

The number one spot in this list of Rec Tec Wood Pellet Grill goes to the gold standard RT-700. It holds the pinnacle position for its sturdy built and the 1054 square inch cooking area. Moreover, the interior cooking chamber, as well as the exterior, is made of 304 stainless steel. 

It is well equipped with modern technology such as- wifi and PID controller. The in-built wifi antenna makes it easy to connect to the internet. 

Why buy this product? 

This model comes with some excellent features, and it belongs to the same price category as the 680 models. We find it perfect for tailgating events as well as for BBQ parties at home. But, to feed a line of party guests, we’ve got to prepare in separate slots, as it won’t be spacious enough for making food in large quantities.

We need to set the desired temperature on the touch-pad, after which the grill starts heating up on its own. One of the best features about this model is its ability to maintain a consistent temperature as it continues to make small adjustments to the feed rate. 

We can open and close the lid several times without having to fear about changes in the heat level, which is a pretty cool feature.

Even though it runs on standard 110V outlet, there is a constant fluctuation during the different cooking stages, which makes it energy-efficient. Moreover, the convection process allows the heat to rise and move around, which helps it reach every corner of the exposed food.

It also features a shut-down cycle which operates for about 10 minutes to control the remaining ashes which we switch on after we’re done cooking. And the stainless steel interiors make a massive difference to the cleaning process. We’ve also had no issues with rust or corrosion.

Overall, these features make a ton of difference when we’re cooking in adverse weather conditions, especially during the winters. The 6-years warranty is a generous benefit making it worth the investment.

What could’ve been better?

Pellet grills usually can’t reach a temperature higher than 500-degrees, which is a drawback for those of you who are fond of searing. Most cooked meats look more delicious when the outer skin comes with sear marks.

It’s also not equipped with direct broiler option, which gives the meat a caramelized and charred texture. And it’s relatively more expensive when you compare it with other grilling equipment.

Pros & Cons

It comes with complimentary wood pellets and a premium cover.


It has a thoughtful design and superior-quality construction.

Comes with smart grill technology that ensures maximum efficiency.

It doesn’t have any searing and direct heat broiler option.

2. Rec Tec RT-340 Wood Pellet Grill

In the second position, we have the Rec Tec RT-340. This compact grill boasts 511 square inch cooking area and 15-pound hopper. This grilling set also comes with around 80 pounds of wood pellets of the Ultimate Blend. One of the main advantages of this connectivity is that you don’t require an external thermometer because of its dual-probe feature. 

Why buy this product? 

We can comfortably use the Rec Tec 340 on a camping trip or even at home because the portability feature of this grill is brilliant! We find the grill to be a little hefty as it comes in around 80 pounds, with the hopper weighing about 15 pounds. But, the legs fold down smoothly, making it a tad easier to move it around. 

When it comes to the cooking space, we believe that 511 sq inches will be sufficient to feed a family of 5 to 6 members. However, it also has the option to add an extra shelf. Moving on to the assembly part, we can say that this is one of the most accessible Rec Tec models to set up and to get started with. 

The trademark bull horn handles, and the stainless steel coating gives it stark yet commanding aesthetics. The PID controller helps to automate the entire cooking process, and it’s also WiFi-enabled.

The wifi feature is pretty simple to access for controlling the settings from our smartphone irrespective of where we’re seated at home. Moreover, it kicks off the right amount of heat, and the grill starts to get smokey under 200 degrees Fahrenheit while it maxes out at 500 degrees Fahrenheit. The PID controller functions to fine-tune the grill and also helps with temperature adjustments.

Another bonus with the Rec Tec 340 is the fact we can cook with the lid up, which gives us more access and flexibility. The dual-probe feature is also an added advantage since we no longer need to use a thermometer for checking how well the meat is cooked.

However, this pellet grill is powerful enough to set up some blazing temperature for that perfect summer BBQ making it a class of its own.

What could’ve been better?

Even though the overall quality of this pellet grill is pretty exceptional, this model is not ideal for large parties at home. The other issue with this grill is its portability because it gets challenging to move it anywhere without folding the legs. 

However, the RT-340 is one of the newest models of the Rec Tec brand, so it’s unlikely that these flaws can be a deal breaker.

Pros & Cons

It gives a versatile cooking experience.

It can be used with an open lid.

The HotFlash ignition makes it easy to get the fire started.

It’s not very suitable for large parties.

3. Rec Tec RT-590 Wood Pellet Grill

The final recommendation in the list is RT-590, which is a mid-sized wood pellet grill. It has a 720 square inch cooking space along with an optional second grate. For more convenience, it comes with the WiFi-enabled controller and PID which automates the entire grilling process. Plus, it has two meat probes, which simplifies the cooking experience without the need for an additional thermometer.

Why buy this product? 

The size of this pellet is spacious enough to fill a hungry crowd of 8 to 10 people. It offers a great deal of functionality with a generous cooking space of 772 square inches. The process of shifting the RT-590 was a little less taxing than the other pellet grills. It has four rollerblade-style wheels that come with lockable casters, which makes it easy to shift it around.

For the superior build quality, and the stainless steel coating both in the interiors and exteriors, it offers excellent insulation and a rugged lifespan. The heat deflector and stainless-steel dripping pan make it a complete package. Just like the other Rec-Tec models, this one also features the wifi and PID controller.

We enjoy the instantaneous cooking without having to deal with the unreliable fire starters. For an optimal level of smoke output, the temperature settings of less than 200 degrees Fahrenheit is sufficient in this model.

But, we can also activate the FULL setting mode for the temperature to go up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, which is suitable for grilling meat. Once we’re done cooking, we can simply press the auto-shutdown button to turn down the heating system. And before cleaning the grill, we only have to select the cooling mode. 

Another Rec-Tec flourish, which is our favorite feature is the meat probe. It helps to reduce the mess that is often created when we’re trying to cook a large meal.

It comes with 160 pounds of hardwood pellets which gives the cooked food a brilliant smokey flavor. And the 30-pound hopper is efficient enough for 30 hours of continuous cooking. 

The customer service that is provided by this company is exceptional; whenever we have faced any issues with the grill, the company was ready to help. Even though it only has a 2-year warranty which is relatively less compared to the other models, the stellar performance makes up for this minor inconvenience.

What could’ve been better?

There isn’t any major disadvantage if you consider checking the size requirements before you purchase this piece. The cooking surface can be a little small if you’re preparing a meal for too many people. And this model can be slightly expensive when compared to the other average grills of this size.

Pros & Cons

It has a 30-pound pellet hopper.

Comes with a HotFlash ceramic ignition system.

Stainless steel construction.

It comes with locking wheels for mobility.

It has a smaller grill surface.

Some essential features of a pellet grill!

The precision and consistency of each factor vary depending on its ability to maintain a consistent temperature level across all weather conditions. In the following section, you’ll find a brief description of the standard features in the pellet grills.

1. PID controller

This exceptional feature accurately measures the temperature in the Rec Tec grill to adjust the cycles by maintaining the desired level of heat throughout the cook. It also helps to add pellets at the right time to ensure that the grill has the correct cooking temperature 

2. Wifi Capability

When you already have pellet grills with an electronic control board, the wifi feature comes like a trophy. You can control the Rec Tec pellet grill from your computer, phone, or even the tablets. With a pellet grill that comes with wifi capability, you don’t have to monitor the food on the grill manually.

3. Set of secondary cooking racks

It’s always better to be aware of whether an additional cooking rack is included in the package or is it an optional add-on. Moreover, this helps you stay prepared for maximizing your cooking space.

4. Inputs for meat probes on the control broad

You can find Rec Tec pellet grill controllers that have a separate output for the meat probes. It makes it simple and easy to track the temperature of the food being cooked without having to open the lid. You need to insert one end into the meat and plug the other into the control board.

5. Included meat probes

You might have a grill which can accommodate a meat probe, but they don’t necessarily come with a probe. However, you should check the control boards before you buy a meat probe to ensure that they connect correctly. And if you’ve got a programmable one you can use it to regulate the temperature in the pellet grill accordingly.

Other factors that you should consider before purchasing a pellet grill!


1. Size and Cooking area

You can find pellet grills in a range of different sizes based on your requirements- everything from built-in pellet grills for your outdoor kitchen to portable models for tailgating. To find the right size that suits your lifestyle and space, you need to look at the physical dimensions as well as your cooking area. 

Rec Tec Pellet grills come with two cooking surfaces which include- the primary cooking area (the main grate), and the total cooking area (secondary racks plus the main cooking grate). For the average size family, you can opt for a pellet that comes with a cooking area of about 450-500 sq inches. But, for entertaining a large number of guests you need a larger pellet grill.

2. Temperature Range

This factor depends on the food that you want to cook on the pellet grill. Most of these grills are good at indirect heating, and they can easily hit any temperature from 180 to 500 degree Fahrenheit. The standard temperature range is sufficient for roasting, baking, grilling, and smoking. 

But, when it comes to searing this range is not enough as it requires a temperature of above 500 degrees Fahrenheit. 

3. Price

When you get a quality pellet grill, it will amaze you with its reliable performance that it will last you for years to come. However, if you opt for the cheap pellet grills, you might be saving up on the upfront cost, but you’ll be spending more on the replacement. 

4. Build and Construction

You should focus on the build quality because if it’s made with poor-quality materials, the grill components will start breaking down within a few years of use. Try to check out the welding, joint, and the other hardware to ensure that there isn’t any space for the heat to escape. And when you’re shopping online, you should read the reviews and the product specifications.

The stainless steel pellet grills by Rec Tec are getting more famous for its durability and exceptional performance. Moreover, excellent construction and high-quality materials offer energy-efficient functioning.

Final Thoughts 

With proper research, it won’t be challenging to find the right pellet grill. However, just because the most trending pellet grill is an advanced model that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should break the bank for it. But, instead, try to focus on your requirements and select the best model for that perfect BBQ. We hope these Rec Tec grill reviews helped you make a choice.

Till next time!

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