Grills are the most flexible cooking utensils of all. 

Every other ingredient you put in there in the right amount of heat blends to form the perfect dish you never thought you could churn out. Grills are such indispensable magical bowls!

From amateurs to professionals, from delicate cooks to those in haste, grills cater to them all. Whether you are looking for tastes that melt inside and then hit your buds, or a delicious hamburger made in no time, grilling is the most favored option all over the United States. 

But alongside grilling, debates on the best grills, the best and most efficient methods of cooking will continue among grill enthusiasts. Yet very few understand that cooking is a fusion of chemistry and gastronomy, and the latter has evolved over time, over cultures and histories. 

Today, competition is fierce and so is the confusion. In the heart of the world of grills, the two formidable competitors are Rec Tec and Traegar. The world is divided equally on both sides and so are the stats of sale, usage, end product, longevity etc. 

But do not worry. This blog post will keep you covered and we assure to lead you to the right choice that will suit your kitchen needs as well as your gastronomical penchants! But have you ever asked yourself this easy-to-miss question: Why is rec tec vs traeger such a hot question?

 Find out in this rectec vs traeger review!

Rec Tec vs Traeger Grill Summary – Why should you care?

Traeger grill used to have a monopoly in the market of grills from the eighties of the past century until 2006. The modern pellet grill was a unique product made by Traeger in the 1980s and the company made a copyright over this model having an upper hand in the market. It was only in 2006 that the patent expired and other companies like Rec Tec started producing pellet grills of arguably cheaper material. 

However, Rec Tec grills are often more expensive than their Traeger counterparts. The former often comes fully loaded with luxury features including voice command and some having temperatures rising upto 1000 degrees. But those who are hunters of tradition, might as well choose the pellet grill of Traeger owing to the compelling sizes it offers (the smallest being 300 sq. inches) and options of portability. 

So, choosing grills vary according to your requirements, the places you would like to cook and the kind of life you lead. Each product of both the companies suit the needs of their respective target audiences. While one product of Rec tec may trump its Traeger counterpart, it isn’t a rule set in stone for all the products. 

But before moving on to the comparisons, pros and cons, perhaps a brief idea about the companies is necessary for you to become to the unbiased judge.

About Rec Tec

Established in 2007 and in business since 2009, Rec Tec was founded by two childhood friends Ray Carnes and Ron Cundy in Augusta, Georgia. The very first grill model they created was the RT 680, comprising a 40 pound hooper, and a Smart Grill technology pellet grill. Later in the year, they launched a smaller version of the model – the RT 300, which had a smaller hooper but essentially the same Smart Grill Technology. 

The founders of Rec Tec focused on their specialization – the pellet grills and continued to market the product in a variety of ways. After being well-received by the public, they started introducing recipes and unique grilling methods in their youtube channel, and online shopping boosted their sales exponentially. 

In 2018, Rec Tec introduced IoT in their grills. They improved their original build quality and automated the cooking mechanism by introducing Wi-Fi connectivity. RT 300 and RT 680 were renamed RT 340 and RT 700 respectively, with the latter coming with a 6-year warranty and a stainless steel frame.

About Traeger

Joe Traeger developed the first pellet grill in 1985 and after patenting the model in 1986, it was the sole producer of the product. Traeger’s family owned a Oregan heating company and he began experimenting with a pellet-heating furnace.

The result was a design inspired from the traditional offset smokers, with the drum barrel body and the chimney, and the mounted firebox being replaced by the pellet hopper. The company has evolved from being the producer of first pellet grills to automating the entire heating process by introducing ignitor rods for heating the pellets. 

Traeger has been producing grills for over 4 decades now, giving them a dense loyal fan base and a solid reputation in the world of grills. They were also the first to introduce digital temperature control in their grills. Tradition, great customer support, and quality mark the products of Traeger.

But choosing between Rec Tec and Traeger is quite a difficult task despite knowing all there is to know about the world of grilling. Choose your perfect grill not just on what each product has to offer but what you want to take home from them. The following part of the article deals with an in-depth comparison between Rec Tec RT 700 and Traeger TFB29LZA.

Best Rec Tec Grill Review

The Rec Tec grills introduces the RT-700, the game changer in the world of pellet grill industry. 

Inside The Box: The gigantic barbeque, stainless steel rack, grease bucket, tool hooks, deflector plate, rings, legs, wheels and shelf to support the cooker, drip pan and user manual. Assembling is necessary. 


Weight: 200 lbs

Material: Stainless steel

Fuel: Wood pellets

Hopper Capacity: 40 lbs

Cooking Area: 702 sq. Inch (expandable upto 1050 sq. inches)

Temperature: 200F-500F

Wi-Fi connectivity is required for the self-cook mode to operate. The upgraded features of this model include ultimate wifi connectivity, a stainless steel cooking chamber and dual-meat probes allowing you to bake, roast, grill and broil effortlessly. 

Why should you buy RT 700?

You won’t go anywhere else for your ultimate grilling options once you read through the optimized and updated features of RT 700:

Grilling has never been easier: Cook in more than 5 modes and the days of messy charcoal are finally over with automatic ignition. Easy to use and now easier to operate with total automation (apps available in Playstore and Apple store), the RT 700 is your ultimate choice for grills.

Ultra-hard stainless steel body: RT 700 comes with the indispensable steel frame that will surely stand the test of time. 

Dual Meat Probe Facility: Stop worrying about monitoring your meat as the dual meat probe is connected directly to the grill’s container. 

Wi-Fi Connectivity: With the Rectec Grills App, remotely control the cooking process with the superb Wi-Fi feature. The days of watching your grill at house parties are finally over! From monitoring to ignition to temperature control, everything is automated and completely safe. 

Automatic Feeder: All the features culminate with an icing on top with the automatic shutdown feature, which ensures that the pellets get transferred from the hopper to the firebox automatically as well. This is the genius of the machine as the pellets get fed at regular intervals to maintain the temperature steadily.

6-year Warranty.

What Could Have Been Better?

The 200 lbs grill is massive and although it comes with sturdy frames, the weight could have been a little less.

Apart from that, we feel that the rear hopper could have been accessed better.

Pros & Cons

Cook for large house parties effortlessly.

Significantly reduced the cooking time.

Smoky aroma of the meat is a speciality of the grill.

Not much but the price. Then again, this grilling beast is worth the hype in the market!

Best Traeger Grill Review

The Traeger TFB29LZA balances tradition with contemporary cooking methods. It provides pure hardwood pellets, giving the ultimate smoking effect to any preparation or recipe. 

Inside The Box: Porcelain grill, Heat Baffle, Grease Drain Pan, Grease Bucket, wheels, legs, nuts, bolts and the main grilling machine and user manual. Assembling is easy and the manual has all the instructions set clearly. 

Barbeque cooking has never been easier and retaining the authentic wooden taste is the secret of the Traegers. 


Weight: 60lbs

Material: Steel

Fuel: Hardwood pellets

Hopper Capacity: 18 lbs

Why should you buy Traeger TFB29LZA?

USP of Traeger is its Wood-fired Taste: Owing to the original hardwood-pellet grill design, it provides the ultimate wood and smoky taste. No other grill matches this authentic taste.

Perfect for Tailgating: Its low-weight makes it extremely portable and is perfect to pack in the back of your car and go for long drives and picnics and savour tasty barbeque wherever you go.

6-in-1 Versatile Cooking: Have all kinds of cooking suiting the occasion. Be it fast hamburgers or delicious salmon baked meticulously with cheese, the Traeger Junior Elite Pellet offers you a wide range of cooking styles, time and results.

Built-in Digital Thermostat: Control and check the cooking temperature with the built-in thermostat to ensure the best results every time consistently. 

Very Hardy: The build is solid and can easily withstand winds, rain and still burn the meat very tenderly. 

Auto-start Ignition: No fuss of messing around with the charcoal anymore or any fire hazard. The simple auto-start electrical ignition will get Traeger run smoothly and start the heating process automatically.

Setting Your Grill Has Never Been Easier: Powered with a digital temperature display and a versatile dial, setting your Traeger grill is as easy as setting your oven. Cook slow and low or high and fast upto 450 degrees with the precise temperature displayed on the LED.

What Could Have Been Better?

The warranty could have been better. Although, Traeger parts are available in the local market, yet authentic porcelain grills start eroding after 3 years. The warranty should have been well catered to.

Pros & Cons

Construction and design quality

Very portable and lightweight

In-built thermostat to maintain cooking temperatures.

The thermostat fluctuates at times.

Final Thoughts


So, between Rec tec and Traeger who won? We would go for Rec tec, owing to the versatility it offers in every stage of the grilling procedure. RT 700 beats everyone else in its rank due to its sheer user-friendliness and automation capacity. Traeger, on the other hand is more handy, it offers more options in terms of using it in different kinds of spaces. Both the products are marked superb in their own fields of expertise. That’s our personal opinion on the rec tec vs traegar debate.

If you are going for Traeger, be ready to get spoilt for choices as this is one significant advantage it has over Rec tec. The options available within a particular price range is enormous. Then again, if you are a sucker for house parties and always have large groups of people at your place, go for the RT 700.

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