If you’re someone who enjoys outdoor cooking sessions, you might have come across wood pellet grills. 

These brilliant BBQ grills offer a versatile and practically effortless grilling experience.

As the summer approaches, and you’re unwrapping the grill you’ll either be dusting away the last bit of pollen or adding more seasoning to the grates.

And with pellet grills, you just have to “set it and forget it” no matter what dishes you have in mind this season. Traeger has set its throne in the grill market for over 20 years by staying ahead of the game.

In truth, you’ll be spending about four figures for a pellet grill, but it better be worth every penny. And Traeger doesn’t compromise on the quality aspect with a team that’s one of the the best out there.

With this Traeger Pro Series 34 review, we aim to show you how its thoughtful design takes instantaneous cooking to a whole new level. And it gives you the perfect succulent meat with savory scents wafting through the air during a culinary adventure in the backyard.

So, without further ado, let’s begin!

Quick Specifications

  • Large hopper capacity of around 18-pounds
  • Hopper Clean Out
  • 36,000 BTUs
  • 884 sq inches of grilling area (34 x 19- inch main cooking grate & 34 x 7-inch secondary cooking grate) 
  • Dual probe meat thermometers
  • Digital Pro Controller with Advanced Grilling Logic
  • Total weight is 136 pounds
  • Sawhorse cart style gives linebacker-like stability
  • Porcelain-coated cooking grates
  • Superior-quality wheels (all-terrain) with locking casters
  • An included assembly kit
  • Auto-start system
  • Powerful steel construction
  • Cold rolled, powder coat finish
  • It offers a 6-in-1 versatility to smoke, grill, bake, braise, roast, and BBQ
  • Fueled by 100% ultimate hardwood pellets

Is the Traeger pro series 34 the right grill for me?

Green Mountain Grills is a renowned manufacturing company that has been ruling the market for quite some time now.

They aren’t just known for producing quality pellet grills but also for their grilling accessories, wood pellets, rubs, and sauces. With recent improvements in their product line, there isn’t any room for disappointment with this brand. 

This company is based in the US and offers top-notch products within the most affordable price range. Most of their pellet grills come with a 5-year warranty period so that you can rest at ease. Starting from WiFi controller in all of their pellet grills, to sturdy construction Green Mountain Grill has some of the best mobility features.

1. Easy to use

Operating your Traeger Pro Series 34 is pretty simple; you just need to fill in the hopper, place the grills and set your desired temperature. It features an auto start system which starts functioning as you turn on the grill. 

At the same time, the auger starts to send down the pellets into the fire pot depending on the set temperature. The draft oxidation fan operates to send out oxygen to get the pellets burning, and you can also hear the sizzle within the next 5 minutes. 

It won’t take you more than 20-30 minutes in total to start flipping your patties as the grill continues to reveal a cloud of smoke. 

2. Simple cleaning process

Having to clean out the ashes and scrub the greasy grills can sum up to be a royal pain, and all barbecuers can probably relate to this. The Pro 34 requires slightly more maintenance than the propane grills. After every cooking session, you can use the hopper clean-out to remove the ashes and the leftover pellets.

This feature is downright brilliant! Within a max of 10 minutes, you’re done with your cleaning task. However, when you remove the remaining pellets and store them out of moisture, you can try out different woods in the next session. This allows experimenting with various wood-fired flavors, without just sticking to one type.

3. Large cooking area

Even if you’ve invited around 10-15 friends for a cookout session, you’ll have ample amount of space to cook for them. A total of 884 square inches of cooking space will be sufficient to tackle any size of meat. You won’t have to wait to cook your turkey before getting the salmon done.

The Pro 34 also includes a second cooking grate which sits above the firepot, and it’s ideal for indirect heat cooking. And with some patience, the grates are also hot enough for you to sear the meat.

 And it’s essential to learn how to cook by keeping track of the time because if you cook with the lid open the temperature drops quickly.

4. Probe for perfection

The integrated meat thermometer is one of the essential features of the Traeger Pro Series 34. You need to fix one end to the control panel and the other into some thick part of the meat. 

It gives you an accurate temperature reading on the display panel. It measures not only the temperature of the meat but also chamber temperature. This element is a pure genius! You don’t have to worry about digging into uncooked meat or buying a thermometer separately.

5. Precise temperature control

The Digital Pro Controller is another essential component of the Pro 34. It works flawlessly to assist you in preparing some spectacular meals. All the readings are displayed on the blue-colored LED panel, which is located on the hopper, making it quite convenient.

It’s pretty simple to set the desired temperature, by using the RTD (Resistance Temperature Detector) probe. The grill functions efficiently to ensure that it maintains the set temperature of +/-15 degrees Fahrenheit.

You’ll not go wrong anywhere with your preparation as this grill works accurately to give you some of the best-cooked meals. For steady temperature control, the RTD probe works every second to capture different temperature readings. As a result, you can conveniently cook any dish by setting the temperature anywhere between 180 and 450 degrees Fahrenheit. 

6. Cost-Efficient Smoking

We all appreciate a grill that is eco-friendly and cost-effective. It helps us save a ton of money over time because the pellets burn slowly without any unnecessary wastage. Irrespective of whether you’re cooking at high or low heat, you can be rest assured that the fuel cost will be lower than charcoal.

If you’ve set a lower temperature for smoking, the grill will require nothing more than half a pound of pellets for an hour. For medium heat, one pound is sufficient, and for grilling at high heat, you’ll barely burn through two pounds of pellets. 

Overall, the price of pellets is quite reasonable so you won’t have to worry about extra costs with constantly having to refill the hopper.

7. Effortless Mobility

While the boons of advanced features and cost-efficient performance must be celebrated, a slight fear about the portability of the grill can put down the equipment. But, that’s not the case with Traeger Pro Series 34 that weighs about 136 pounds. 

It comes equipped with large all-terrain wheels, which makes it easier to shift the grill from one place to another. You’ll face no issues with having to move the unit to the storeroom or out on the patio during a cookout session. 

The grill has a thoughtful design with an even weight distribution that ensures stability. Moreover, the legs are thick and well-built, so there is no fear about it tripping over, and instead, you can maneuver the grill effortlessly. 

8. Price and Warranty

This $1000 grill is one of the best high-end grills in the market. It might seem like an expensive purchase, but considering the quality, it makes for a value-added product. For regular grilling, you’ll need equipment that can withstand a heavy workload. And that’s precisely what Traeger Pro Series 34 offers to you.

It also comes with a three-year warranty period which covers both the materials and the quality. However, it depends on how you’re maintaining the grill, because if you mishandle it, then warranty won’t come of any use.


What could have been better?

Traeger Pro Series 34 is a sturdy, durable product with brilliant performance. And you’ll enjoy using this grill as it helps you cook fabulous meals! But users generally find the secondary grate to be somewhat small, especially when you’re preparing food for a large group of people.

The other minor inconvenience that has been noted is in regards to fluctuations in the temperature setting. Plus, it takes a while to record temperature above 400 degrees Fahrenheit. However, if slow-cooking is your forte, the results will be delicious.

Pros & Cons

Ample grilling space.

It has a large 18-pound hopper.

Dual probe meat thermometers.

Comes with a convenient grease management system.

Value for money

The grill takes time to reach over 400 degrees Fahrenheit. 

It’s prone to temperature fluctuations between the +/- 15 degree Fahrenheit setting.

Final Thoughts


We’ve come to the end of our review, and we’ve successfully covered all that you wanted to know about Traeger Pro Series 34. Now you can go ahead and order for your set, to be a witness of how you can consistently try out scrumptious BBQ recipes on this grill. 

It makes for an ideal choice for those who cook in large capacity and are on the lookout for a grill with exceptional quality.

Till next time!