When convenience, durability, and ease of use are the defining features of a grill, our search for that perfect barbeque-maker ends there.

In the world of grilling, Weber is a distinguished name famous for its consistently high performing products. That’s why when Weber discontinued some of its models a year back, it was received by raised eyebrows. However, this year, the company has come back with the same models but with surprising replacements. 

One such model is the Weber Genesis II E-330. It comes packed with all the features you’d look for in the perfect grill. Stainless steel burners, a genius temperature control system, and flavorizer bars are some of the most impressive aspects to begin with. 

But is it worth buying considering the high price? Let’s find out.

What Makes The Weber Genesis E 330 Worth Buying?

Weber has seen a lot of improvement over its models of last year. They involve using higher quality steel for the cooking grates, an increase in the number of side-burners, and the addition of cabinet fronts. 

However, the range of Weber Genesis has changed from 2-to-6-burners to only two options: 3 and 4-burner models. There are many other areas of improvisation and innovation, which you will find in the following paragraphs. Let’s find out what they are.

1. GS4 Improvements and Evolution

In 2019, Weber announced a reshuffling of the spirit and genesis models and made some core changes in the models. They called this series of innovations GS4. It involves improvement of:

  • Burners
  • Grill bars
  • Ignition system
  • Grease management system

2. Burners

The three burner tubes are made of high-quality stainless steel, and they allow up to a total of 39,000 BTUs of heat. We tested the burners by putting around 20 burgers in the pot. It could dish them out in approximately 45 minutes.

Thus, for small to medium-sized parties, the three burners will do the job just fine. Moreover, the shapes of the burners have changed significantly over the 2018 model leading to more uniform distribution of heat across the cooking surface.

3. Grill Bars

Like the Spirit series, Weber has introduced flavorizer bars in the Genesis II model as well. It is a unique component of the company that’s supposed to add more flavor to the food.

It does this by evaporating all the marinade juices, sauces, and dripping oil that fall on the bars back into the cooking pan. Moreover, these bars have been modified to reduce the chances of flare-ups adding to the unique flavor of the meat.

4. Ignition system

The infinite ignition system, added to the improvised models of 2019 hits the light at the very first strike. The company’s claims matched the results, and we were happy grillin’ right from the very first time, every time. 

5. Grease management system

The final element of GS4 is an improved grease management system. What the flavorizer bars can’t absorb, the drip pan collects. This efficient channel between the bars and waste management process leads to cleaner cooking everytime.

Moreover, we could clean even the toughest oil stains from the drip pan very easily. However, we noticed that washing the drip pan right after cooking helps remove the stains instantly.

This entire series of improvisations have made the Genesis model a forerunner among its competitors. But, that’s not all! Now let’s have a look at the other features of the product.

6. i-Grill 3 compatibility

Cooking mouth-watering recipes without having to stand right in front of the grill seemed unachievable at one point in time. But with the improvised series of grills from Weber, it is a reality now. 

Genesis II is i-grills 3 compatible. In other words, the grill comes with an i-grill thermometer, which can be operated by the i-grill mobile app. It monitors the cooking temperature from start to finish, and once the cooking temperature is reached, it goes ‘ting’ on your smartphone. You can set your desired ticking temperature from the app as well.

However, these accessories have to be bought separately and do not come with the box.

7. Build and durability

The cooking grates are made of cast-iron and coated with porcelain to retain the maximum heat and minimize loss of fuel. Cast-iron is a superior conductor of heat, and it allows uniform distribution of heat throughout the cooking area, without getting damaged.

The burners are firm, strong, and durable as they are made of high-grade stainless steel. Burners being an integral part of a grill, demand high-quality build material, and Weber has put considerable effort into making them so. Moreover, the lid is also enameled with porcelain, which prevents it from peeling and rusting after a few months of heavy usage. 

8. Convenience, cooking quality, cooking area

Working with this grill made the entire cooking process reasonably easy. So we recommend this grill for amateur cooks and also those who are apprehensive about experimenting. Apart from a large cooking area, a sear station and a tuck-away warming rack make the entire cooking process a lot more convenient.

We could cook large cuts of beef in the three main burners, while we used the searing station for the final touch-ups and preparing BBQ sauces. And we used the warming rack for storing all the veggies and side dishes, taking us a total of an hour and a half to prepare the entire batch.

The cooking was quick, the touch-up turned out to be great, and the i-grill app worked wonders with maintaining the perfect temperature. Moreover, the beef steak also retained its flavor and juicy texture despite being cooked in searing temperatures.


What could have been better?

Despite great improvisations and technological innovations, the main drawback of the product is it’s available in only 3-burners and 4-burners kinds. We termed this an impediment because the previous models allowed up to 6 burners, which was perfect for large parties.

Another factor is any burn or rust won’t qualify for a replacement despite a 10-year product warranty. Also, it took us around 2 hours to put all the pieces together and have it ‘up and grillin’. So, we’d say the assembling procedure is complicated.

Pros & Cons

Comes with a fuel gauge

Tuck-away warming rack

Side rack with tool hooks

i-Grill 3 compatibility

Excellent versatility and easy to use

Warranty doesn’t cover rusting and burning


Final Thoughts

These minor pitfalls won’t be a huge hindrance in your way to dish out your secret recipes. And the best part is, with all these wonderful features, it will take little you surprisingly little time to master the elaborate platters you have always aspired.

With the perfect ignition system, a cast-iron body, stainless steel burners, it will be a worthwhile investment for all the foodies out there. Trust us, you’ll be more than happy to ‘grill n chill’ with the Genesis e 330! It will complement your kitchen or your backyard, all depending on where’s your party happening!