The best thing about gas grills is the amount of time one can save by using them.

Large outdoor grills let you cook sizeable batches of delicious recipes for a bulk of people. And gas grills fundamentally change the way people look at get-togethers and parties. 

The Weber spirit E 330 is one such perfect combination of size, speed, convenience, and great taste.

While cooking in charcoal grills retains the smoky flavor everyone desires, the e-330 comes with flavored bars that impart the smoky aroma to the very core of the grilled meat. 

And if that wasn’t enough, it can cook large cuts of meat alongside veggies, and the extensive cooking area will also make space for your sauces and salads.

But is it really an all-rounder? Let’s find out its overall performance in this review. 

What Makes The Weber Spirit E 330 Worth Buying?

Under the Spirit line of grills, there are variants of the same model. The grill spectrum is broad, ranging from a 2-burner model to the elite three burners added with side burners. The E-330 belongs to the latter end of the spectrum, with three burners, a sear, and a side burner. 

This significantly increases your working space and gives a lot of flexibility with grilling. Let’s check out all the significant features of this model thoroughly:

1. Design and Build Quality

Starting with the build quality, the cook box and the shroud are made of durable cast aluminum. The shroud is quite thicker than the sheet metals generally used in making cheaper grills. A further layer of porcelain coating makes the shroud less prone to peeling, rusting, and fading. All of this combined makes the grill extra durable.

The side racks and burner tubes are made of stainless steel, while the cooking grates have a layer of porcelain coat over the cast-iron structure. They could retain heat and manage searing temperatures twice as much the other grills in the price range. 

The side shelves provide space for preparing salads, side dishes, cookie-cracks, and lots of other food platters. Also, three hooks with the side shelves let you hang tongs, brushes, and all other grilling utensils. 

Even though the lid comes with a mounted thermometer, we advise you to keep a digital thermometer handy for precise temperature observations. 

The side burner has a flame of 12,000 BTUs, which is perfect for cooking side dishes and BBQ sauces, while the main course cooks in the primary oven. Also, the fold-down top shelf can be used as a separate burner altogether.

On the other side, there is a sear burner that will heat your veggies and make beautiful steaks out of them. It also serves as a decent warming rack for all your delicious recipes.

Finally, the E-330 weighs a staggering 116 pounds! It is difficult to move around, and for lifting it, you will require at least two people. This gas grill is designed to sit in one place and dish out a host of grilled food other than just meat. 

But if you need to move it around, the four durable steel caster wheels prove extremely useful. What’s more is two of these wheels have a locking facility that prevent the grill from rolling off. Thus, although cumbersome, the company never compromised with convenience.

2. Ease of Use

A qualifier of a good grill is its ease of use. It wouldn’t be of much help if you had to spend hours only to understand all the operations of your grill! One of the most off-putting qualities of a gas grill is when it’s difficult to light up the flame despite turning the knobs repeatedly.

The Weber E 330 is a pro in this area. Its electronic Crossover ignition system lights up the flame in a single try with any igniter that runs on a single AA battery. It worked at all the first attempts every time we hit the lighter. 

The grill has a built-in fuel gauge and is run by a 20-lb liquid propane tank. The indicator measures precisely how much fuel is left by gauging the weight of the container. 

The storage cabinet underneath has lots of room to hold all your cooking tools, as well as the easily-replaceable propane tank. And like all high-end grills, the individual grills and bars are also easy to clean since they are coated with porcelain.

3. Cooking Quality

Meat that is cooked in charcoal grills have the unique flavor of wood and fire. Although gas grills lack the ability to impart that traditional aroma to the meat, the e 330 differs in this aspect.

The model comprises flavorizer bars, a unique addition of Weber, which help to enhance the aroma of cooked food. It does this by vaporizing all the oil drippings, marinades, and sauces that fall on the bars and circulate them back into the grilling unit. This imparts the special ‘cooked on a grill’ flavor to the food.

The E-330 spreads the heat uniformly for both direct and indirect cooking. It also takes less time than other grills to get to the searing temperatures. The dedicated sear burner is excellent for putting a flavored crust on large cuts of meat.

The cast-aluminum build of the shroud and the single-vent system control and enhance the indirect cooking on the grill. The cast-iron grates also retain most of the heat and distribute it evenly throughout the surface. All these aspects ensure that you can cook even the most delicate recipes with ease, as the heat that reaches the food in indirect cooking is just the right amount.

The cooking mechanism works in communion with the grease-management system, and thus there are lesser chances of clogged burner tubes. All of this makes the grill perfect for amateurs as well as professionals. 

4. Cleaning up procedures

As mentioned above, grease management system of E-330 makes the entire cleanup process very easy. The juices, oil, and meat that don’t evaporate are absorbed by the grease tray, which collects them into the catch pan. 

The pan and the grease tray are easily removable. Also, the catch pan can be used for multiple applications, apart from being a holder of waste material. Just stick an aluminum foil and use it for a multitude of purposes.

We used a stainless steel grill brush to clean the burner tubes, and the process was entirely  hassle-free. 

5. Assembling all the parts

Assembling a grill is quite a task, especially when its size is humongous. The good news with the e-330 model is that the gas line and firebox, the two most crucial parts of a grill, come assembled in the package. That will save you a lot of time when you begin assembling the huge grill part by part.

With the manual in hand, it took us just a bit more than two hours to get the grill up and running.

What could have been better?

The grill gave us very little chance to complain as we went along ticking all the checkboxes of utility, size, shape, looks etc. Yet, in the process of moving it, we felt it would have been perfect had it been a bit lightweight. Portability is one important criterion for parties, occasions, and events and having a cumbersome grill gets difficult at times.

The only other complaint that we have with this model is the difficulty of assembling. Although everything is right there in the manual, following it meticulously got difficult, specially with fitting the burners at the right places, and linking the flavorizer bars with the grease management system.

We would suggest that if you go for this model, you need to bear in mind that despite its superb features, it is heavy and takes a little time to assemble it and get started. 

Pros & Cons

Ideal for cooking large batches of food

Grates are excellent heat retainers

Large cabinet under the grill

Three durable burners

Efficient grease management system


DIfficulty in assembling

Final Thoughts

If what you are looking for is fast and simple cooking, enhanced flavors, and a large cooking space to accommodate all your cooking plans at once, simply hit the ‘Buy Now’ option. And if this isn’t enough, the grill is low on maintenance as well.

The final piece of advice from our end is this grill is the best option for those who don’t have a space crunch. It’s a great grill for all those want to learn, experiment, improvise and surprise all their loved ones with delicious recipes.

We will be back with more such reviews. Stay tuned!